Dear Media, I am Tired. That doesn’t mean I’m done fighting.

Dear Mainstream media, I am tired. I am so very tired of this conversation. We seem to have it every year. Every month. Every week. It’s the same conversation. I’m surprised you’re not tired of it as well. I have spent my life looking for representation, for mirrors of my […]

Flash Fiction — Baking

Not all trolls live under bridges. That’s the way of the past. Some trolls live in subdivisions. Margaret peered out behind the curtains for the fifth time in as many minutes. “Keep that up and they’ll know you’re staring,” Crissy said as she sipped a cup of tea. “You’re being […]

Midnight Catscapes

**ported from my medium account**   2017 started off with a bang for me. I live in a smallish apartment with three fanciful animals. A dog, Buffy, age six and two cats, Kili and Fili, age nine months. The pair came to me to via a friend at work after […]

A weird and warm welcome

So this blog is going to be a mix of topics that keep me entertained and conversational blogs such as this one. I’m still learning how I’m going to format and go forward with this blog so the next month at least is going to be a mish of stuff. […]